You always thought that your workforce will be more productive if they have access to interactive and yet secure mobile solutions. But building innovative, reliable, secure and robust mobile solutions needs special expertise and commitment.

Softebizz technologists are equipped with the required expertise in various mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile and tablets to help you build customized mobile solutions for your business needs. The mobile solutions are designed to improve your business efficiency and achieve higher productivity at low costs.

With our expertise in B2B, B2C, B2E and M2M business optimization, we have worked with customers in Healthcare, Education, Banking, Finance, Aviation-travel, Entertainment, Mobile Social Networking, Ticketing, 2D-barcode, Enterprise Mobility and Mobile-commerce domains.

We offer Mobility Solutions in following areas:

Mobile Web Websites many still in their infancy.

Mobile Native Websites many still in their infancy.

Mobile Hybrid Websites many still in their infancy.

Mobile Testing Websites many still in their infancy.

UX (User Experience) Websites many still in their infancy.

Build an integrated mobile experience with the latest technology and flexible and yet scalable delivery model today!
  • Experience and Design

    Enterprises typically provide numerous touch points with their customers and employees and this is increasingly through mobile phones and tablets. Your end users are now demanding an experience that is user-centered. Now is the time to invest in designing the right user experience to get engagement spot on.

  • Mobile Applications

    App development for smartphones, PDAs and tablets is a top enterprise mobility priority. We develop and implement mobile apps designed to meet your company’s unique and complex business requirements.

  • Mobile Platforms

    With a wealth of mobile platforms available, you need to carefully consider which is most appropriate for your target audiences. We help you select the best mobile platform for your needs.

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